Monitoring and managing

Know what's happening
The first step in cutting costs is to capture and analyse data on your data centre infrastructure. Energy accounting, in short, is the key to green IT. You need to economise – not on quality and security, but on energy costs that unnecessarily inflate your operating costs. After all, accounting is already an integral part of corporate life. There is no reason to make an exception for data centre energy consumption.

Using proprietary software and a comprehensive range of services, bit can capture power consumption and power losses in your data centre and prepare and/or take appropriate steps based on this information. Instrumentation and control can accomplish more than many people might imagine. With a knowledge-based approach, it is possible to identify and set the optimal operating points for any infrastructure system.


bit's solution interfaces with all leading building automation systems.

You can only synchronise air-conditioning components and their control systems if you have precise, up-to-date data. In our experience, data centres often use much more energy than necessary for reliable operation.

All system components must communicate. bit ensures that they do. The information is aggregated in a separate rack over all common protocols and then supplied to the analytical software tool. You can now judge your data centre's energy efficiency based on hard facts, not just a "gut feeling".

Take the opportunity to watch a bit presentation showing actual, proven energy savings. This is an excellent chance to green your IT. After all, the greenest energy is the energy you never use in the first place.

bit's monitoring solutions quickly pay for themselves. Feel free to ask us about them. We will be happy to perform specific measurements at your facilities, too, and recommend concrete steps for making your operation more efficient.