Well system

Every air-conditioning system needs cold water or refrigerant to supply refrigerated air in its heat exchangers. The conventional cooling method uses energy-intensive compressors. However, there is another, greener, more cost-efficient way to cool water as long as certain environmental conditions are met.

A cooling water circuit is set up for recooling. This requires two wells to be drilled on the data centre premises. Cold water is drawn from the supply well at about 10°C. This water is fed into a water/water heat exchanger, where it cools the coolant circuit for the air-conditioning system. Now 5°C warmer, the well water circulates to the second (injection) well. The water is completely unpolluted by the heat exchanger and is re-cooled deep in the earth. For greater reliability and redundancy, the system can be switched from well water to a public water line as needed.

Without free cooling, it costs about EUR 50,000 a year to provide the cooling capacity of 100kW needed by a data centre covering 80 to 200 square meters. With well cooling, you can save around EUR 40,000 or at least 11 tonnes of CO2.

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