bit sets standards

In 2009, bit was asked to find a way to quantify availability. It thus invited companies and government agencies to participate anonymously in the VAIR project, an availability analysis of data centre infrastructure and to answer a series of questions on the internet from August to December 2009.

The respondents provided 214 data sets in total, each consisting of 76 indicators. The project's goal was to develop an empirically based assessment system for analyzing data centre quality – especially with regard to availability.

The data anonymously compiled by bit GmbH was reviewed and filtered, based on its completeness and plausibility, and used to develop an assessment system. Comparative analyses and models of the filtered data confirmed previous assumptions or provided new insights into the typical equipment used at actual data centres. The results of this survey are now helping to improve data centre availability in the field.

You can learn more about the VAIR research project at www.vair-check.de (German only). The tool developed from the survey results is available at www.vair-check.de for all interested data centre operators.

VAIR brochure (German only)
VAIR Indicators – Questions Answers Help Texts (German only)