Energy efficiency

Most electricity consumed by data centres is given off as heat. That is the shocking truth about present-day computer technology. You have probably responded by using energy as efficiently as possible through virtualisation and similar strategies. Many data centres still have much room for improvement, especially in air management and refrigeration. However, they cannot be optimised without capturing relevant, current data to be used as benchmarks. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to green your IT.

Instrumentation and control plays an enormous role in this process. To maximize the potential of this technology, bit GmbH developed a software solution specifically for data centres.

All relevant data, including that provided by building automation systems, is fed directly into helpful visualisations of:

  • Fault messages
  • Energy consumption diagrams
  • Reports
  • Trend curves

bit leverages this information to develop ways to improve resource use. We can coordinate the controllers in different systems, keep cold aisles contained and cool refrigerants in both free cooling (without refrigerating compressors) and well systems in this way.


Energy-efficient temperature distributions for data centres (German only)