General contracting services

The goal is to minimize your burdens and take on the tasks associated with data centre construction or conversion under our own initiative. For us, general contracting services means solving your challenges using our entire team while keeping our focus on you the customer.

One contact – and all your worries are gone

Managing the interfaces between trades and thus the technical risk is a particular challenge in every single project. bit handles interface management for you in projects and competitive bidding processes, ensuring above-average pricing and scheduling reliability. As your central contact, we can think outside the confines of individual trades and combine them into a coherent whole. We believe in the old, yet still relevant proverb that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

Setting air-conditioning system parameters, for example, may have an enormous impact on future operating costs of the entire data centre. bit ensures that all these components work together perfectly.

On-schedule completion is essential for data centre operators. We will be happy to cite references that demonstrate our commitment to meeting deadlines from the start of a project to its finish. If we agree to a delivery date, you can count on it. That's a promise!

Our promise extends to much more, too: We deliver quantifiable value-added by documenting the entire project across all its trades.

Would you like to see what we consider comprehensive documentation? If so, simply contact bit.