Mobile communications systems

We have performed the lead planning for the infrastructure of cell sites (base stations) on behalf of various general contractors in more than 350 projects.

Our lead planning activities included:

  • Obtaining as-built documents
  • Inspecting the site to obtain key parameters for the design
  • Final design
  • Executing drawings (from lightning protection to the last welding seam)
  • Preparing, submitting and handling the building permit applications
  • Preparing applications for the German Federal Network Agency
  • Performing structural  analyses of antennas and system-bearing structures

Our welding engineers and structural engineers will prepare structural analyses, shop drawings, bills of materials, reinforcement plans and building permit applications for:

  • Foundations for cold-water aggregates and recooling plants
  • Mobile communications structures
  • Similar steel structures

We use structural analysis software such as Dlubal RSTAB with all necessary sub-programs for these activities.