Modernisation and conversion

Ten-year-old data centres are fast approaching their capacity limits, largely because increased computing power is placing higher demands on infrastructure such as air-conditioning systems. And then there is the soaring price of energy. All these factors underscore the need to invest in innovative technologies. However, data centre upgrades have to be properly and intelligently planned. After all, you want to avoid disturbing your regular operations at all costs.

This is precisely where bit GmbH's expertise comes in. Our specialists can modernise your data centre without putting its operational reliability at risk.

Leverage potential for optimisation

Do you need to significantly upgrade your data centre? If so, you need a partner who:

  • Identifies the potential for optimisation of your infrastructure and building automation systems based on an as-is assessment of your facility
  • Significantly improves your data centre's availability and effectiveness
  • Evaluates the cost-effectiveness of your infrastructure
  • Offers cost-optimised safety and security


bit analyses and documents your data centre's potential in an as-is assessment. Next, we develop solutions for optimising your data centre that maintain the overall service quality of the infrastructure.

Modernisation and conversion may involve selling or repurposing old devices and systems. In these cases – and when reconverting data centres (leased property, etc.) – bit will be happy to advise and assist you.

For bit, quality is a fact of life, not just lip service. We will be happy to present projects that demonstrate our successful track record with data centre switchovers.