Maintenance and servicing

In a data centre, maintenance work by all trades to meet German Engineering Federation (VDMA) guidelines is essential. After all, equipment will only last a long time if maintained properly. It is much more crucial, however, for regularly tested and maintained systems to continue functioning over the long term and not just break down "suddenly". Many breakdowns announce themselves well in advance. Proper maintenance will detect and prevent them before they happen.

Maintenance is also important for components that you hope never to need, such as the emergency power supply system. Once again, it is extremely important to perform maintenance in all trades. Maintaining the engine and generator provides no guarantee that your emergency power supply system will reliably start up in an emergency. The interactions with the electrical switchgear or the refrigeration equipment, for example, must be maintained and inspected by all relevant trades.

We will prepare a suitable servicing and maintenance quote for you. We will also leverage our experience to draw up service level agreements (SLAs) that meet your requirements.

Contact us if you have specific servicing and maintenance needs. We will find the right solution for you.